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What is graphic design and what does it include?

Graphic Design includes all physical and digital forms of artwork used primarily for marketing purposes. 

Print media, for example, is a form of advertising that uses physically printed materials, to reach consumers, business customers, target markets and future prospects. Digital design, on the other hand,  covers all online marketing forms, such as websites, online ads, email marketing, and even social media.

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Print Media

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Digital Design

What is Print Media used for?

Print media is used for flyers, newsletters, other types of publications, outdoor billboards, signage, transit posters, the yellow pages, direct mail, events, booth designs, menus and many other types of media that are physically printed and/or used to directly advertise a product or service.

Graphic Design for Events

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Why use Graphics as a digital or print marketing option?

Graphic design strengthens your company’s branding. Branded materials such as websites, emails, stationery products, and other promotional items are all excellent ways of establishing company branding. They don’t just promote your product or service; they also advertise your company leaving a branding footprint. 

When done right, graphics can help display company fonts and color combinations and logos, relevant images and much more; helping you establish brand recognition. It can also link to your online media such as promote your website or social medias; driving traffic back to other forms of marketing.