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Custom Email Marketing
Email Campaign Template Design & Setup is Available for $350
Each Additional Email Setup is Only $100

Each email design is custom built and includes setup & branded design template with first email blast created (Ideal for advertising services or products via email to potential clients or businesses) 

What is an Email Marketing Campaign?

Email Campaigns are a form of direct marketing that uses electronic mailing as a means of communicating a message or ad, for a product or service. The creative aspect and marketing strategy implemented during the email design phase is what will grasp the attention of your potential target market. This is done by providing relevant and personalized information and images for each email recipient.

“Any design you can imagine, I can bring to life”

Arlene G-Perez – Master Design Specialist & Web Developer

What is Email Marketing used for?

  • Send emails with the purpose of nurturing or establishing new or existing customer relationships
  • Promote repeat business
  • Keep customers informed or up to date on changes with your company or service
  • Engage existing customers with your business growth, products, etc.
  • Promote new products or services to a new market
Email Marketing - Feature Image

Why use Email Campaigns as a Marketing option?

Email Marketing

Emails can be tracked, now you can see who expresses interest, what they clicked on and how many times they engage with your email. In many cases even shared with others

Email Marketing

According to a study done by McKinsey & Company, Email marketing is up to 40 times more effective than social media

Email Marketing

The digital market is ever growing and every day more and more people are receiving and sending emails consistently thru their computers, phones, tablets and other electronic devices.

Email Marketing

Cost effective against other forms of advertisement while providing a higher ROI and Specific Target Marketing

Custom Email Design Services

Whether you need a well designed custom template or an HTML email design built from scratch… Designerfox has you covered!

Custom Email Design Services

Whether you need a well designed custom template or an HTML email design built from scratch…
Designerfox has you covered!